I love pine trees cause they consistently look like they’re flipping everyone off.


I live in the Evergreen State. I will never be able to unsee this.


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“Agree to disagree” is white guy speak for “I understand you have an opinion but unfortunately, me.”

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cybersyncing said: ok but hear me out: The Hobbit where everything is the same except Bilbo has the personality of Martin Freeman

I laughed. SO hard.

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Just went on a facebook-stalk-spree of people I used to go to school with prior to grade 11-12 at my prissy all-girls private school.

Fuck they’ve all turned into blonde bimbo clones with ‘real’ full-time careers in real estate and beauty and banking and they all have boyfriends and some have kids.

These are people who are 21 like me.
They’re like… adults.

It’s really fucking weird.

And the other half turned into what looks like crack-addicts with bogan boyfriends and babies with lots of photos that include goonbags. 

It’s just weird because what if they’re looking up me and see a wall full of weird-coloured hair, dumb videos, and dick jokes?

Man maybe I should figure my life out.




Charts from OKCupid, showing how straight women and men rate each other based on ages. For women, the men they find most attractive are roughly their own age. For men, the women they find most attractive are roughly the same age - 20 to 23 - regardless of the age of the man. (538)


Wow. I’m so surprised.

This is gross.

I dunno but I’m going to look like a fucking alien-nebula when I’m 45 so boys can suck my astral dick.

Tomorrow I’m pretty excited because I am helping my friend Anna the oboist bleach and colour her hair!!

You know in all my years of bleaching and dying my own hair, I’ve never actually bleached or dyed anyone else’s. This is going to be exciting!

But I’m kind of scared that I’ll mess it up. Because her hair is dark brown, and I’m only using 30 vol bleach… because she said she had sensitive skin, and her scalp has never been touched by bleach before, I decided that it was probably safer to go with 30, than to try 40 and have to wash it out and ruin it from the get-go.

And since we’re putting a darkish purple over the top, it won’t have to be a bright blonde colour anyway. And she has very very short hair with buzzed sides so it would only take like two months to grow out anyway.

Eeeee exciting!! I love hair so much. :D

rynocerocket said: how did I date you for 2 years

Bitch you WISH you was still all up in dis biz

Anonymous said: Dude-you reminded me an awful lot of this skinny bogany sort of guy that used to work in my local bottle shop. I mean, you're obviously noticeably better looking than him, but the superficial resemblance was still a touch disarming.

Hahaha cool! I enjoy having just a little touch of bogan. ;)

I made a new video!
yeeeeah represent
This one shows you what you’re like depending on what instrument you play at music school.

I’m not trying to make fun of you all. I’m just very good at it and it just sort of happens without me even trying.


Tonight I dressed like a man to make a new YouTube video. I think I make a pretty sexy guy, right? I think all men should wear this much eyeliner. I’d go for me. 👍💋😍👨

Tonight I dressed like a man to make a new YouTube video. I think I make a pretty sexy guy, right? I think all men should wear this much eyeliner. I’d go for me. 👍💋😍👨